VMI Joins Securitas/Loomis Group

VMI Joins Securitas/Loomis Group

23rd May, 2014

Dear Friend and Client,

As you will know, AFE has enjoyed and long and strategic relationship with ViaMat International (‘VMI’) headquartered in Switzerland. For close to 20 years, VMI has provided AFE with secure transport and private vault storage of AFE’s client’s precious metals within Switzerland and abroad.

Switzerland continues to be the world hub of precious metals refining, processing, handing and storage credited with the lion share of the annual global refining of precious metals going through Switzerland’s refineries (Switzerland being the home of the world’s four largest refineries). In the precious metals industry VMI has enjoyed a world leading role and is positioned as Switzerland’s number 1 company in secure transportation and private (non-bank) vault storage.

In May 2014 VMI officially announced it had been acquired by Sweden’s Securitas/Loomis group. AFE had been in close communication with VMI senior management leading up to the announcement. VMI has expressed its excitement to be joining the Securitas Group, being one of the world’s largest cash handling security companies. Securitas maintains a strong global presence in the security industry.

VMI’s high quality precious metals transportation and storage services in Switzerland and internationally will continue unchanged, as will AFE’s close relationship with VMI and its management and operations teams. VMI will maintain its LBMA membership. Further, AFE’s discussions with our refinery and other Swiss bullion market participants all confirm that the Swiss precious metals industry is positive and happy with the Securitas/VMI acquisition. In private discussions, VMI has further confirmed its ability to continue to scale storage capacity to meet AFE’s growing demand for private property storage of physical gold and silver.


Philip Judge
Founding Director

About Securitas: Securitas is a global knowledge leader in security which offers a broad range of services of specialized guarding, technology solutions and consulting and investigations, as well as customized offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs. Today Securitas employs 310,000 people in 52 countries, spread across five continents. In 2001, Securitas acquired Loomis, Fargo & Co. and incorporated it into the division Securitas Cash Handling Services. In 2006, Securitas announced its intention to split the business into separate, specialized security companies. Securitas Cash Handling Services assumed the name Loomis. At an extra shareholders’ meeting in 2008, it was decided to distribute all Loomis shares among the Securitas shareholders.