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The AFE Global Insider is a monthly free digital publication where you will find up to date commentary on markets and geo-political events that can affect your wealth, written from the perspective of professionals who are actively involved in providing gold and silver allocated bullion services to select clientele globally.

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About the team that produces the Global Insider
Senior Relationship Manager – Duncan Cameron
Duncan Cameron serves as a Senior Relationship Manager responsible for Australasia and a Research Analyst for Anglo Far-East. He has spoken, written, and lectured on the topics of gold and silver’s role as a defensive portfolio asset, and a tool for non-correlated portfolio performance globally for 6 years. Duncan is a Director on the Boards of several private companies.
Editor – Alex Stanczyk
  Mr. Alex Stanczyk manages institutional and family office relationships for AFE Custodial Company, which provides logistics support for direct physical investment in gold and silver bullion. Mr. Stanczyk writes and lectures globally on the topics of geopolitics, global economics, and the significance of gold as money in the economic system today from a private bullion custodian perspective. He consults at the institutional level in the specialist field of gold acquisition and storage for regulated funds, and with advisors of heads of state. Mr. Stanczyk is the Editor of Anglo Far-East’s Global Insider. He has served as the CEO of a publicly traded US Company and currently serves as a Director on the boards of several private companies.
Director – Simon Heapes
  Sir Winston Churchill once said, “All people during their lifetime stumble across the truth; however, most simply pick themselves up and carry on as if they had never ever stumbled across it in the first place!” Due to today’s complex and sometimes perplexing financial, social & geopolitical environment, we at Anglo Far-East realize the need for a publication that will provide a clear, truthful view of today’s markets and economy. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce and provide to you on a monthly basis AFE’s newsletter called The Global Insider.
Director – Philip Judge
  One of the great orators of history once said, “When the Eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.” In today’s world there are many financial and market parrots all jabbering their various views on markets and finance. In 2008 the world saw the greatest shaking of its financial foundations since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Despite the endless jabber of global mainstream media parrots, it is our view at AFE that people are more confused today than ever before. Never before has it been more important for Eagles to wake up and start speaking with accuracy about the financial times we are in on planet Earth.