The Global Crime of the Century

The Global Crime of the Century

There is much one could say about the Federal Reserve System, not the least of which is that they have this century single handedly (with only the help of supportive & complacent politicians) been responsible for the removal of all wealth from backing the US Dollar. As the mighty US $ is the reserve currency of the world, this has, of course meant also a removal of all wealth from all the currencies of the world.

Booms and busts, dislocation, mal-investment, bankruptcies and loss of personal wealth that we see all around us, are the manifestations of this central banking system. Undoubtedly the universal heartbreak, pain and suffering caused by the preying on the unsuspecting masses by the Fed’s interest bearing, valueless, debt money is far- reaching and more profound than we may ever know.

Franklin Sanders summarizes it thus : “Our Fiat Money system is a Tower of Babel that threatens to rise up to heaven and rule all the earth. It is built on a fraud (creating money out of thin air) and founded on a perversion of justice (misusing the force of civil Government to grant a monopoly). It begins in evil, ensnaring the naive, conceives evil, wrapping individuals, communities and nations in a web of greed and usury, and perfects evil in exploitation, slavery and, ultimately, death and disaster” Franklin Sanders – The Money Changer.

Any system born in sin will ultimately fail, it is only a matter of when. Now here is a paradox. In the 1960’s a book was published called ‘Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal’. It was a collection of essays about a philosophy of freedom. Two of the expositions dealt with the American monetary system. The author explained that no gold or silver, in-fact nothing any longer backed the currency. He argued that sooner or later this fiat money system would lead to disaster, and that only a money backed by something of value, like gold or silver would last. The author was Alan Greenspan.

by Philip Judge