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A collection of past published articles that are now part of AFE history and proof of remarkable decisions over the past years.

Tin in Rome The Global Impact of the Gold Dinar
Silver “Attention Investors” One Ounce per Person Please
Production, Capital Growth & Trading Markets, Terrorism and Gold
What is INFLATION? A Thin Market
Empires at War for Energy & Money Conceived in Iniquity and Born in Sin
The “Peak Oil” Report ~ A “MUST READ” ALERT Lessons from the London Gold Pool
Derivatives from the Estate of the Ruling Class The “Free Market Money” Report
The Real Value of Oil and Natural Gas? Today’s Silver Lining
Words of Comfort A Precious Metals Update 1
Ignorance Is Not Bliss A Precious Metals Update 2
Unchanging Patterns of History A Precious Metals Update 3
Great Wealth Transfer in Ancient Egypt A Precious Metals Update 4
The Ancient Port Cities of Tyre and Sidon Are Commodities Set to Soar?
Lessons from Babylon the Great Gold Prepares to Erupt – Hamilton
A Century Unique in all History What Gives with Gold
Over-capacity and a Time of Opportunity The Physicals
Petro-Dollars & Sound Money The Price of Gold in Brief
The Global Crime of the Century Gold Market Dynamics – Part 1
Losing Your Shirt Gold Market Dynamics – Part 2
This Century and the Dow BoE Gold Auctions and GATA
Short Run Economics Is the Gold and Silver Bear Dying?
The Euro Report Record Gold Demand?
Inflation and Alan Greenspan Reality Calls GFMS Survey into Question
Figures that Don’t Add Up The Fraud & The Truth
Reflections of a Contrarian Investor – Adam Hamilton 16th July 2004
10,000 Ton Short – Frank Veneroso 28th September 2003
24th August 2003
8th August 2003
23rd May 2003