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The AFE market research team provides balanced analysis and commentary on the days in which we live, and the economic, legal and social factors that will affect us, our families, investments and businesses in the days ahead. This team has accurately foreseen the current global financial crisis, and while many money managers today call these “Black Swan Events” that “no one could have predicted”, AFE clients have been well informed of the changes we are seeing for over a decade.

The team employs a wide range of resources from leading intelligence, economic and political journals and commentaries, along with private counsel from a host of leading authorities, with access to some of the world’s leading research.

“Historically in times of great change and social upheaval, great opportunities for wealth creation and benevolence have existed for those who’ve prepared” Philip Judge

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The Anglo Far-East Global Insider

The AFE Global Insider is a once per month report written from a “bullion desk” perspective. AFE’s top analysts and brokers who study the markets relentlessly provide you with their perspectives on geo-politics, global economics, monetary policy, historical events, and trends as we see them moving forward.

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Audio Interview Archive

AFE has done many interviews with top experts in the metals markets over the years.

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