How It Works

Purchasing gold or silver with AFE is a simple process.

Apply for an allocated custody account online. This should only take a few minutes. Our staff is standing by to assist you with any questions.

Apply for an account

Contact Us

Log in to the AFE secure website and navigate to your secure inbox. This is an encrypted message system you can use to communicate with the AFE team.


Complete the “Know Your Customer” forms and sign the service agreement, which you can then scan and email to AFE or use the secure uploads feature to send AFE your completed forms. AFE also requires a copy of a bank reference letter, and a recent bill verifying your home address.

Download KYC Forms And Service Agreement

Send AFE a notarized copy of passport or government issued ID by post.

Our compliance team will review your credentials, and when satisfied that you are not a naughty person, will authorize your account for funding.

Fund your account, and buy gold or silver!

Feel the peace of mind that comes with owning real physical gold and silver.

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