Anglo Far-East partners with Symantec to bring industry-leading browser encryption to gold and silver bullion account clients


Anglo Far-East partners with Symantec to bring industry-leading browser encryption to gold and silver bullion account clients

Panama, September 12, 2012 /PRWeb/ — Anglo Far-East (AFE), a private custodial bullion company, has partnered with Symantec to address one of the key concerns of clients today: safety of personal information when passing data over the Internet.

The threat to privacy occurs when a person’s information is passed over the Internet through a browser that is using limited or no encryption. This information can be intercepted, which could lead to identity theft or, worse, compromise the client’s assets.

“Our clients’ privacy has always been one of our top priorities and is deeply ingrained in our company’s culture,” said Philip Judge, Founding Director of AFE.

Symantec’s solution is the industry-leading “Symantec SSL Extended Validation” encryption certificate. The SSL EV provides the highest level of encryption of information between a client and AFE’s secure servers that is currently available (up to 256 bit encryption). To implement the Extended Validation, AFE was required to undergo rigorous third-party screening as well as malware and security vulnerability assessments. In addition to the added security the SSL EV provides, AFE’s website goes through daily malware and vulnerability scanning.

“A client of ours asked if we had the strongest security available,” says Alex Stanczyk, Chief Market Strategist for AFE. “While AFE has always required the use of strong encryption and was the first in our sector to use an encrypted messaging system with our clients, this question prompted an internal review. We realized we could do better, and we wasted no time in making the necessary changes to stay ahead of the industry. We are now the only provider in our space that is using SSL EV encryption.”

When an SSL handshake occurs between a client and server, a level of encryption is determined by the web browser, the client computer operating system, and the SSL Certificate. Strong encryption, at 128 bits, can calculate 288 times as many combinations as 40-bit encryption. That’s over a trillion times stronger. At current computing speeds, a hacker with the time, tools and motivation to attack using brute force would require a trillion years to break into a session protected by an SGC-enabled certificate.

AFE clients can easily verify that SSL EV is active on their browser when connected to AFE’s secure website by looking for the green verification icon in the top left of their browser.

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