AFE Launches Encrypted Client Documents Upload

April 24th, 2012 – AFE Launches Encrypted Client Documents Upload

AFE is pleased to announce the launch of our new encrypted documents upload feature in AFE’s secure online account management system.

This new feature will allow new clients applying for AFE accounts to quickly and conveniently upload documents through an encrypted online interface during the account creation process.

“Some of our clients have suggested that we make the account approval process simpler and faster. We take what our clients have to say very seriously, and we have responded by implementing an encrypted documents upload interface. This gives the client complete control in sending information to AFE in a discreet and secure manner. The new encrypted upload feature is a fast, simple, and convenient way to securely transfer necessary documents to AFE’s secure servers.” Says Alex Stanczyk, Anglo Far-East Executive Vice President.

“AFE was the original market pioneer in this space, and has always had industry leading governance and processes, some of which have now become standard with other providers. We have renewed our commitment to a continual process of improving our systems for client convenience and ease of use, and we have a number of improvements and benefits coming to our clients that are not offered by any other bullion custodian.”

With this new feature, clients are also able to quickly and securely update their ‘Letter of Wishes’ in their private client records at any time including changes to their accounts beneficiaries, next of kin, etc.

Contact Information:
Alex Stanczyk
(USA) +1 786 866 9584
(Switzerland) +41 435016799