The history of the Anglo Far-East group of companies began in 1991 when it commissioned the Perth Mint of Australia to mint a range of customized gold coins which were successfully distributed globally.

The company continued as a market innovator launching the first global non-bank allocated custody services in the late 1990′s and has enjoyed a long and unique track record in this space which continues today.

In the mid 2000′s AFE began to expand into the institutional market, providing services to funds, banks, and other financial services providers.

Drawing on two decades of track record and experience in gold and silver acquisition, transport, vaulting, and liquidation, in 2011 AFE Custodial Company was launched to provide service specifically for the institutional market, and today has among its clients licensed investment advisors, banks, broker-dealers, regulated funds, fund management companies, and other institutions with a combined assets under management of over $45Billion USD