Company Profile

Our Foundations

Anglo Far-East is a privately held, debt free company that specializes in physical gold and silver custody and logistics.  In line with the company’s philosophy, it does not engage in practices which could put the company at risk of failure such as leverage on bullion, credit derivative investments, or any other paper instrument which could be compromised in the event of systemic failure in the broader financial or banking system.

AFE is a long established company enjoying a 20 plus year continuous track record in the bullion industry and is a stable and profitable company with strong built in cash reserves enabling it to easily weather storms in the broader global economy.  Another of the company’s core strengths is the strong and unique relationships it has built and continues to maintain with world recognized and leading LBMA service providers and refineries over the last 2 decades. This further protects the company’s ability to do business even in the event of market disruption or crisis in the financial or banking system.

Our Integrity

AFE provides independent custody and logistics of physical gold and silver for its clients.  This means the gold and silver bullion does not belong to AFE, it belongs to our clients.

It is important to note that none of the gold or silver bullion that AFE is a custodian of is part of AFE’s balance sheet. The gold and silver is held specifically on behalf of our clients in allocated form, and we consider this the most sacred duty of a custodial provider.

This is what separates what in our view is true custody under “bailment” versus what many banks claim to provide with their gold and silver custody accounts, and is the reason you are the legal owner of your precious metals held with AFE.

Our values

The Anglo Far-East Bullion Company is a privacy oriented, client focused company. The company believes in traditional values in banking such as being fully backed, and non-fractional-reserved. The company endorses and encourages a debt free lifestyle, with a commitment to personal savings and diversification, both geographically (internationally) and in asset class (for example the inclusion of precious metals in client’s asset portfolio).

The company is relationship oriented and encourages a one-on-one personal relationship with each of its clients via its Relationship Managers and representatives.

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