Silver Custody Account

Silver Custody Account

A silver custody account, also known as a metal account or an allocated bullion account, is a term we use interchangeably at AFE. It is important to note that the only type of account you actually hold with AFE is where the silver is fully allocated. AFE will never sell a single ounce of silver bullion based on the unallocated method in use by banks and other financial institutions.

One of the greatest advantages of buying silver in a silver custody account versus in the form of small silver bars or silver coins, is the ease of doing so, plus the ability to rapidly sell your silver bullion anytime you desire to. We provide you total access to liquidity when you need it most, because we can offer 24 hour turnaround on your sale with funds wired directly to your bank account the same day. *note international wires may take several days to settle in your bank account

The other major advantage to you, is that you do not have to provide a safe, your own security, or dig a hole to protect your silver bullion. Your silver held with AFE is protected by some of the most technologically advanced and highly secured private vaulting facilities in the world, and because of this qualifies to be insured for its full market value regardless of how high the price of silver rises.

Finally, you can rest assured that your silver is truly your silver. All silver in your silver custody account is held for you under bailment, which means you are the true legal owner of your silver. Silver in your silver custody account is never recorded on the balance sheet of AFE, and is at all times your property.

Why use AFE? Some of the distinct advantages AFE holds over other providers include:

Highest Level of Privacy Longest Track Record More Personalized Service
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