Our Values

At Anglo Far-East, your privacy is a high priority for us. We believe that privacy and the right to private property go hand in hand. The priority we place on your privacy is reflected in the way that AFE has carefully evaluated every step in our process from a perspective of  your protection.

Your Personal Information and Ownership

AFE servers holding client data are segregated in jurisdictions with strong personal privacy law.

Encrypted Communications and Data

When applying for an AFE Bullion Custody Account, your information is passed over secure encryption during the application process.

At all times, buy, sell, and remittance instructions are always lodged by secure encrypted communications with our Treasury department.

Human Resources

On a human resources level, AFE carefully screens, selects, and trains its personnel to appreciate, understand, and take personal responsibility for the privacy integrity of AFE’s clients.

Human resource policies in place segregate information internally, and a clients personal information remains sealed and cannot be accessed without the authority of the AFE Director of Treasury.

Account Management

Once your personal information is reviewed and approved, your account is assigned an account number. From this point forward your personal information is sealed and kept physically segregated from servers with contact with internet, and your account is referred to by account number only.

Your personal information such as name or address will never appear on any account statement. All statements are referred to by account number only.

Jurisdictional Risk

Finally, when considering jurisdictions, AFE carefully evaluated available choices and has chosen jurisdictions we feel are most likely to provide the best defense in terms of personal privacy.

*Note Anglo Far-East will comply with authorities who request your information in connection with a criminal investigation, or in compliance with international AML / KYC standards.