Anglo Far-East Governance

AFE operates under the strictest corporate guidelines and custodial governance, insuring total integrity and safety of bullion holdings.

The company’s strict custodial governance includes the use of an external independent Bullion Auditor, an independent Trustee Company that has oversight of AFE custodial holdings and acts as a custodian of records, and independent third party “good delivery” security vault companies.

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Good Delivery Gold Bars - 400 oz - 12.5 kilo - 999.5 Pure

Good Delivery Gold Bars – 400 oz – 12.5 kilo – 999.5 Pure

All Allocated Accounts are allocated specific bullion bars by bar serial number, independently audited and verified by recognized and accredited auditing companies.  Bullion custody accounts are a minimum of 100% bullion backed at all times, with every ounce held to the client’s credit within Anglo Far-East’s bullion vaults.

An Independent Bullion Auditor is assigned to provide sight verification of all bars and serial numbers to match AFE inventories, and is overseen by an Independent Trustee Company that appoints the Bullion Auditor, is required to authorize vault accesses, and verifies bullion inventories match client accounts. All bullion bailments are independently inspected and verified by a recognized international auditing firm.

Copies of Vault Access Statements, Proof of Insurance, Trustee Statements, Bullion Auditor Statements, and Certificates of Audit are available upon client request, and to qualified potential clients conducting due diligence.


AFE Chain of Integrity

Absolute Security in Bullion Holdings

Clients at all times own a clear, unencumbered and defined amount of gold or silver bullion held exclusively in the form of London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) accredited ‘Good Delivery’ bars that are  professionally managed in LBMA accredited vaults,  insured by Lloyds of London underwriters.

Unlike some dealers in metals today, Anglo Far-East Bullion Company is forbidden from use, lease, leverage, or encumbering bullion held on behalf of its clients in any way. AFE does not create additional risk for clients by offering margin accounts, and will not encourage clients to use debt or margin to take larger positions in precious metals in paper form. The company does not engage in bullion market speculation or the employment or use of futures, hedging or derivative positions against its client’s bullion holdings.