Advantages of AFE Allocated Bullion Storage

Who uses Anglo Far-East?

AFE Clients are typically privacy conscious and concerned about long term preservation of wealth. Often they are also sophisticated, affluent individuals, families, and institutions, but also small business owners or professionals. Our clients are often ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the dangers of the current financial environment, and are looking for the top experts in the field to provide them service when it comes to the safekeeping of their precious metals.

Trusted by Many

Anglo Far-East is the original private bullion custodian providing Allocated Good Delivery gold and silver bars to non-institutional clients. AFE was the first company that is not a bank to provide professional bullion market access structured in a way to provide maximum protection versus systemic risk. AFE is a debt free, private company, that does not participate in the paper markets, and serves as a custodian of un-encumbered gold and silver bullion only. The advantage to you is that you are the legal owner of your gold or silver held with AFE, and there is no financial institution standing between yourself and your metal. This serves to insulate our clients assets from risks in the global financial system. AFE has served its many thousands of global clients for two decades of reliable, continuous operations. Learn more about our company profile and values here.

You Are The True Owner of Your Precious Metals

Anglo Far-East is not the owner of you precious metals, you are.  This is a matter of law, under bailment. Gold and silver held by AFE clients never goes onto AFE’s balance sheet, and is held in custody for the benefit of its true owner, the client. Each gold and silver “good delivery” bar bears a unique serial number, and all bars are segregated from other bars which are held for other institutions. All bars are sight verified by a top Swiss auditor (what we call a Bullion Auditor, Grant Thornton), and cross verified against AFE client accounts (by an Independent Trustee, which also acts as a custodian of records) to ensure that each and every ounce is 100% backed by physical gold or silver.

Using AFE Provides Greater Protection From Systemic Risk

Anglo Far-East is forbidden by strict Governance policy from participating in any form of bullion leasing, lending, fractional reserve banking, leverage or derivative of any kind. In addition, AFE carefully selects each industry partner it works with for reputation, as well as ownership interest and potential exposure to derivative and systemic risks. Your gold or silver is never stored in a bank which could fail during a systemic crisis, and AFE maintains the ability to provide both buy and sell liquidity directly through its global refinery relationships instead of through banks or commodity markets. AFE maintains 100% of your gold and silver in the form of allocated gold or silver bars, and is unencumbered in any way, at all times. Please contact an AFE representative to understand more about the risks that many unknowingly face in the bullion markets by buying products with “un-allocated” exposure.

Strict Custodial Governance

In order for AFE to access the private vaulting system, the vault must receive instruction in writing not only from AFE, but also the Independent Trustee in what is known as a dual signature system. In addition, actual physical access  requires that a representative of Anglo Far-East must be accompanied by a representative of the Vault, as well as the third party bullion auditor (Grant Thornton). All agents sight verify each and every bar that goes into or comes out of our vaults against vault receipts and weight lists, and reports are furnished to both AFE and the Independent Trustee Company. These triply redundant sight reports are cross referenced against AFE’s client accounts by the Independent Trustee for accuracy, and to ensure that every ounce of your gold or silver is accounted for and cannot be sold or encumbered.

Convenience, Security, Liquidity

You can easily buy and sell bullion at your discretion via your encrypted online account system, with access to global markets 24 hours a day via our institutional accounts with the largest LBMA refineries in the world. AFE buys and sells bullion at the ‘core’ of bullion markets, using LBMA certified refineries and by-passes the commodities markets and bullion banks. All metal is retained within the “Good Delivery” System which ensures gold and silver is acceptable on the global professional market, and we can therefore offer our clients excellent liquidity.

Total Privacy

You have worked hard for your wealth. You deserve nothing less than the highest degree of discretion for your protection and peace of mind. AFE’s corporate structure is domiciled outside the jurisdiction of western nations. In addition, AFE is the only provider amongst the major providers in this industry that does not keep data on servers located within western nations. This may provide an extra level of privacy above what you may receive if you were to use corporations or banks subject to government jurisdiction where you reside, or where there are intrusive policies into personal privacy, for your bullion purchase and storage.

International Diversification

Our clients, often generationally wealthy, understand the value of storing a portion of their wealth outside the nation they reside in. During times of crisis, governments have been known to confiscate personal wealth and seal safe deposit boxes and bank vaults. AFE has chosen Switzerland as its primary vaulting location, due to hundreds of years of unbroken dedication to the respect of personal property. Our research indicates Switzerland is still today the safest jurisdiction in the world for storage of gold and silver bullion. It is important to note that under Swiss law, gold and silver custody fall under private property and not banking law, and are therefore under the jurisdiction of law at the Kanton level and not the federal level as the banks in Switzerland are. Gold and silver ownership is not regulated at the federal level in Switzerland. The vaults are located in Kloten, Switzerland, and are privately held, not owned by banks. All vaults are managed by LBMA accredited security firms and are insured to the full market value of all valuables within by a Lloyds of London insurance underwriter.

About Anglo Far-East’s Credibility in the Marketplace:

Anglo Far-East has been called “the original” private gold and silver bullion custodian. If you would like to read more about AFE’s values and profile, click here.

In 1991, Anglo Far-East was established to fill a need for a small group of wealthy families. AFE was designed from the ground up to offer private acquisition of “Good Delivery” gold and silver bullion, vaulting, as well as liquidation, while most importantly, isolating and protecting such holdings from potential systemic risks in the financial system. AFE partners with many of the top firms on the global gold and silver bullion industry, and each partner in the chain of integrity is LBMA certified and/or recognized with impeccable reputations in the bullion business. By holding institutional accounts with some of the largest LBMA certified refineries around the world, AFE offers strategically located options to capitalize on global access to metals markets. The security, transport, and bullion vaulting firm is privately owned, and recognized as the top of its class and the finest in the world, handling storage and shipment of gold bullion for the largest banks, refineries and governments.

For a complete due-diligence package, please contact us.

Vault Access Protocol

All vault access requires the signatures of both AFE and the Independent Trustee, and presence of the third party auditor, an representative of the vault.

Under no circumstances can any bullion be removed from AFE’s vaults without the presence of multiple bona-fide parties, under perpetual surveillance. This final step, provides the final link in the chain of integrity for your peace of mind and protection.

The entire process from start to finish has been designed with the utmost discretion, security, and protection of your precious metals while meeting the rigorous standards of sophisticated clients to ensure the unbroken continuance of generational wealth, safety of bullion assets, and access to liquidity.

To see copies of the Vault Access Statement, Proof of Insurance, or the Trustee Statements and Certificates of Audit please contact AFE.

Anglo Far-East, the trusted original, and the custodian of choice for the discerning and sophisticated investor.