Gold and Silver Bullion Custody Accounts

Gold and Silver Bullion Custody Accounts

security with ease and flexibility . . .

AFE provides security, convenience and flexibility in allocated gold and silver ownership, integrated with the highest levels of client privacy and corporate governance with our standard bullion custody account.

Why use AFE? Some of the distinct advantages AFE holds over other providers include:

Highest Level of Privacy Longest Track Record More Personalized Service
Allocated Bullion Custody Accounts AFE VIP TITANIUM BLACK CARD

Allocated Bullion Custody Accounts* provide the client with 100% outright bullion ownership, with all the convenience and flexibility of online account management.  AFE operates under strict internal and external corporate and custodial governance, insuring complete integrity in client’s bullion holdings, allocated gold or silver custody account.

*Minimum Account $50,000 USD
Private Gold and Silver Allocated Bullion Custody Accounts
Secure On-line Account Management

International Asset Holding
Good Delivery Accredited Gold and Silver Bullion Storage
Insured to Full market Value through Lloyds of London

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Private Vaults Advantages Bailment (Legal Ownership)
Auditing and Transparency Governance Good Delivery Gold – Silver Bullion Bars

Good Delivery Gold Bar - 400 oz - 12.5 kilo - 999.5 Fine

Good Delivery Gold Bar – 400 oz – 12.5 kilo – 999.5 Fine

Account Features

Outright Ownership
Allocated Bars
Flexibility & Liquidity
Online Management
100% Bullion Backed Good Delivery Bullion Storage

Account holders may buy, hold or sell any amount of bullion from their custody account at any time, and may choose to take physical possession of some or all of their bullion.

AFE Bullion Custody Accounts allow the account holder to securely, rapidly and privately manage their gold and silver holding through the security of AFE’s online account management system.


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