Allocated Custody

For over 20 years, AFE’s clients have been able to buy gold and buy silver with proven rock solid and uninterrupted service. AFE provides for handling the private purchase, secure vaulting, and liquidation of good delivery gold and silver bullion bars . This track-record has earned the company international recognition, not only from the quality and integrity of its products and services, but also from its dealings within these markets.

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AFE is the gold and silver bullion custodial provider of choice for the sophisticated investor, families, and institutions that require the highest level of discretion, competence, safety, and service.

Allocated gold custody accounts and silver custody accounts provide 100% ownership in “good delivery ” gold and silver bullion bars.

AFE Clients enjoy these benefits:
  • The private custodian with the longest track record in the industry.
  • The highest level of discretion and privacy amongst similar providers.
  • Gold and silver is fully insured to its market value at all times by a Lloyds of London underwriter.
  • Option to take physical delivery anywhere in the world, or pick up your metal in person if you desire¹
  • Stringent bullion custodial governance – Audited by a globally recognized independent Auditor
  • Convenience and Flexibility – New and improved online tools allow secure online account management with 24/7 Access – and the ability to buy metal or liquidate into cash at your convenience.
  • Highly personalized, white glove service. A personal liaison will be assigned to you, who will take personal responsibility for your satisfaction, whom you will have access to at any time.
“Private Allocated Gold and Silver”

AFE provides the full range of private allocated acquisition, custody, insurance, and liquidation of “good delivery” gold and silver bullion for the sophisticated, and privacy conscious.  AFE operates under strict corporate guidelines and governance, insuring total integrity and safety of bullion holdings.

With the longest running, most consistent, and rock steady track record in the Private Custodial market, AFE provides its clients peace of mind when it comes to wealth preservation.

¹Fees apply, account minimums apply, please contact us for details. Please note, qualifying requirements must be met prior to allocated custody account approval – minimum opening account value $50K USD